What does working again in Berlin mean to you? Do you like being back? (Ina)
It's very nice to be back working in Berlin, although I've stayed in Berlin when I had work elsewhere. Berlin is very special to me, maybe because it was the first city in Germany I worked in, maybe Berlin is just an amazingly great city - probably a mix of both....

In May, you didn't want to say how you felt about the musical Dracula and playing Mina but you said you'll answer the question when you've finished Dracula... now that it's over, do you want to answer? ;) (Sissi / Ina)
First of all I must say it was an honour to be able to play Mina in the European premiere, I had an absolutely great time doing it, great colleagues and wonderful people at the theatre. Why I didn't want to say anything earlier, was because I didn't want to influence your opinion. I liked Dracula very much, and I liked the role I was playing, but sometimes it was very difficult to follow my character, her development, ways of thinking etc. and I sorely missed the "movie-beginning", with the pre-story of Dracula and Mina - aka - true love never dies.....bla-bla-bla ;-)

Will you audition for a role in Elisabeth or Tanz der Vampire in Berlin? (Sylvia)
To my knowledge, it will only be Tanz that starts in Berlin at the end of the year [2006]...!! I will be doing auditions like everbody else, also for TDV, but since there's really nothing for me in TDV I do it more as audition training...

Are you still dreaming in Norwegian or in Englisch/German? (Lisa)
I don't know which language I'm dreaming in, if any???? But I surely think and talk to myself in a lot of languages without being aware of it - f.ex. when I can't find the right word, I can stop and think - Hello!!! You're thinking or speaking to yourself in German!!!! Actually I caught myself speaking French and Italian this summer, none of which I master very well....I guess that says something about my brain.... ;-)

Is it difficult for you to return to a production after the summerbreak like it's the case with Dracula or Scarlet Pimpernel? (Anna)
No, it's not very difficult, actually very interesting!! When the break is on, you always learn something new, experience something different - that makes you find a different approach to the role. Sometimes it's very tempting to try to change your character, the way you play etc. or just simply try to play it better than what you did before. Although the audience usually doesn't see that, it's something about self-development and a challenge for yourself - and as I've said before, as long as it's fun, I'll keep on doing it!!

How do you feel about working together with Drew Sarich? I think you harmonise very well on stage. (Simone)
I don't really like to comment on colleagues but I'll make an exception for Drew....because he IS exceptional!!! I met Drew in Glöckner in 2000, and since then my respect for him and awe for what he does continue to grow. It is great to be working with someone that good. Always is. You can call him a rare gem, there's sooooo few of them. Ps: and he's still such a nice and down-to-earth kinda guy.....

Might I ask, now that you have played Mina in Dracula for a while, what are your feelings about this musical, and how do you think about the character of Mina Harker? (Sissi)
Well, as of now I've played 8 shows, three more coming up the next two days, and I must say I enjoy doing the show - not maybe because it's the most brilliantly written female part (...;-)...) but because the people I play with are very good, some of them even a blessing... I will not go too much into my feelings about the musical and the role of Mina - I feel that all the people who see Dracula should experience it without my opinions and "judgement". I will make you a promise though - when I finish Dracula I will answer your question again....

Did you enjoy playing the role of Fantine? (Lisa)
Honestly, not one of my favourite roles, very hard to be in that very sad, tragic place every night...Maybe it was just bad timing with everything that went on in my life at that time!! But I wouldn't leave out that I might play that role again, sometime, somewhere else...

Do you believe in life after death? As what do you want to be reborn? (Annegret)
Yes, I believe in life after death, I believe in reincarnation, but I don't believe that u can get reborn as an animal because of leading a bad/unsuitable life. I certainly believe that you're supposed to learn from every life u live, the mistakes u do etc. But I also believe in a heaven and a god, so I mixed it up pretty good.. I don't want to sound cheesy, but if you've seen the film "What dreams may come" with Robbin Williams, that would be the perfect heaven I think. We all have our own private little heaven, based on our wishes and dreams..
I don't have anything in particular that I would want to be reborn as, but as long as I would be able to live a happy life, filled with love, I would be pretty satisfied..

Are you happy about fan presents? Which one made you laugh the most and which one did you like the most? (Ina)
It's always nice to get presents, but sometimes I wonder if I deserve them. I don't think I've ever laughed of any "fan presents", but there are a lot of great ones. One is probably Annegret who made this site about me ( I know it doesn't really qualify as a present, but I think it's cool..), then a girl named Denise gave me a Berlin-jacket, but instead of Berlin it had Sarpsborg (my hometown in Norway) printed on it and also a t-shirt with my hometown printed on it - I wonder how she did it??!! - I've also gotten great stage photos and recordings from Elisabeth - VERY COOL!!!

What was the reason for you to renew your contract for Scarlet Pimpernel? (Ina)
It wasn't that many shows and I've almost decided to stay in Germany for one more year. Hmmmm...

Is it strange for you if you know someone who sits in the front row? Does it distract you or do you automatically keep looking to this person? (Ina)
I think it's especially weird if it's close friends or family, but it doesn't distract me, if it would I wouldn't be doing my job properly... One time I didn't do my job though, and got terribly distracted was in Elisabeth. I can't remember when I saw it but I was finished with "Wie du", "Schwarzer Prinz" and "Bad Ischl", it could have been the wedding (??), then in the first row I saw a beautiful girl sitting with a huge ball gown, tiara, gloves - the full package - I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Then it's hard not to get distracted..

Are you still in touch with your friends from school? (Annette)
Yes!! Some sporadically, others on a regular bases. They're very important to me, make me forget about showbiz when I should...

Do you have a pet? (Annette)
I've had three cats, but they're all dead now - unfortunately. For the time being it's a little bit difficult to have a pet, too much gone.

Which was your favourite part so far? (Annette)
Maybe Maria Von Trapp in The Sound of Music, Elisabeth in Elisabeth and Esmeralda in Der Glöckner Von Notre Dame???!!

Which one of your Les Mis colleagues do you like the most? (Annette)

Which part was the most difficult to play until now? (Annette)
I think Alina in Tonight and Fantine in Les Misérables. I had never seen Tonight or Les Mis when we started rehearsals, and to this date I've only seen one show of Les Misérables, I had a so-called "show watch" when Christiane Heinke had her premiere as Fantine. Alina was a role I had to create, all by myself, and I more or less felt the same way about Fantine (even though there's been 1million other Fantines around the world...) But I had great help - thank god - in Les Mis by director James Powell, Musical Supervisor Nick Davies and Musical Director Bernd Steixner and in Tonight by Director Ryan McBryde, Composer Kjell Ole Haune and Conductor Jamie Dunsmore (plus tons more people...)

Did you see "World Idol" or parts of it? What do you think about the fact that a Norwegian won? (Nadine)
No, unfortunately I didn't get to see it, but I think it's great that Norway won!!Of course!! I think Kurt is a great singer, but I thought that it was a combination of looks, voice, style etc., that made an idol, for great singers they have competitions like 'Deutsche Stimme' etc. or??? Well, I don't know...

Do you feel at home in Berlin? (Uta)
I love Berlin. I came to Berlin in 2000 for Glöckner, and since then I've grown to love the city - the city that never sleeps. The possibilities here are almost unlimited!!!

How often do you see your family and friends in Norway? (Uta)
Usually I go home twice a year, summer and Christmas. It's so beautiful. But my family and friends also come here to visit - which is veeeery nice.

How is the contact between you and your colleagues? (Uta)
Like in every show u do, u have the people u work with and the people u hang out with. I have been very lucky and have gotten very good and close friends in every cast I've been, and I know some of them will stay with me the whole life.

What is the special thing about your job? (Nadine)
That would be all the different challenges and adventures. You're allowed to play so many different characters, which isn't in your life. After I came to Germany I've been so lucky to been playing a strong gypsy girl, the empress of Austria, a French noble actress, and now a poor worker girl. And of course all the great citys and new people u get to know.

Which part play fans like Annegret for you? (Nadine)
Annegret is very important, not only due to the fact that she made a great web site. She and other fans are very important - like I said before - They're like oil in the machinery.

What did you want to become when you were a child? (Denise)
What I do now, I've always wanted to be in "showbiz".

What was your favourite lesson in school and which lesson didn't you like? (Denise)
It depends on which year and which school. I was very lucky with many of my teachers, many of them where amazing, and I will never forget them or what they did for me.

What's the name of your sister and is she older or younger than you? (Denise)
Annette, and she's 16 years old (20.07.) You can check out the pictures of my sister and me.

In which country would you prefer to live and work? (Denise)
I don't know. I like Germany, I like England, I like USA...Spain...Italy etc. etc.....who knows??? Ask me again in 1 year...

With which actor or actress would you like to make a movie? (Denise)
There are too many I like to mention all of them, but I think for now I would be overjoyed just to be making a movie.

How did you learn German that fast so well? Only by your work and speaking with the people around you or did you have private lessons? (Denise)
Thanks for the compliment! I learned German just by speaking, listening to others and learning new parts.

When was your last vacation and where have you been? (Denise)
My last "real" holiday was in 1998. I went with a friend of mine to Mykonos, Greece. I hope that next year I'll have a similar vacation, maybe Santorini??? Seychelles??? Toscana???

Would you like to have children someday? (Denise)
I would loooove to have children one day. And maybe it will happen in the near future??

Do your friends have nicknames for you? (Denise)
Christy, Annie, Ann

At which time in the evening do you go to sleep after a show? (Denise)
Difficult. Usually around 01.00. But it can also be as late as 06.00... - I'm pretty weird.

Do you have a favourite book or film by Astrid Lindgren? (Denise)
I loove Astrid Lindgren, I grew up with her movies, series and books. They're very dear to me.

Which music do you like most? (Denise)
I like almost everything from pop, rock, rap, hip/hop, soul, westcoast to classical, opera etc. I'm not a big fan of techno and trash/death metal though - but everything for every mood... I listen to everything from Christina Aguilera, Marilyn Manson, to Earth Wind and Fire. I classical favourite for me now is the Faure with Pavane, extremely beautiful. Music is very important to me.

Is there anything you always wanted to do but never dared? (Denise)
As far as I know - NO.... :-)

If you can meet one person from the world's history who would that be? (Denise)
Again too difficult. Jesus, or the man they claimed to be Jesus, Leonardo DaVinci, Nostradamus, J.Edgar Hoover, President Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe etc. etc. etc....

If you could do a journey through history, in which time would you like to travel? (Denise)
Then I would start at the beginning of the world and work my way through it... I love mysteries and unsolved cases. The Inka-dynasty, how were the pyramids built, did Atlantis ever exist, who killed John F. Kennedy, etc etc.....

Would you like to record an album someday? With musical songs or any other genres? (Annegret)
It's not that I dream about it, but of course it would have been fun! But if I would do something like that, I would want it to be very special and unique. Not just another compilation of "the best of musicals"....

Do you read Harry Potter? (Uta)
I was in love with Harry Potter and the whole world that surrounded him. I was a little bit disappointed by the 5th book - but maybe my expectations were to high??? Or maybe I had to wait too long for the 5th book, that I kinda lost interest?? I don't know. But I'm looking forward to the 3rd movie...